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NGAG Booth at Butlers 

NGAG is a “virtual” organization without a brick and mortar location.  We rent space in Butler’s Gallery (Booth #6) for members to show and sell their work.  The exhibit rotates quarterly and features 3-4 members’ work, both 2D and 3D. The artists exhibiting each month and photos of their work are shown in the monthly GML ad and the NGAG newsletter.

November, December, January

Featured Artist

Kim Adams

Silke Cliatt

Greg Corbett

Cynthia D'Angelo

Cathy Jowers

Donna Persinger

June Rollins

Amanda Seddons

Amy Strickland

Diana Winuk


Cynthia D'Angelo


Anna DeStefana


Diana Winuk

Audrey Stamps


Greg Corbett


Kim Adams


Cathy Jowers


Amy Strickland


June Rollins

Donna Persinger

October Meeting Presentation

Show and Tell

October Theme "Opposites"


Kathy Ford


Lewis Hinely


Orin Hollifield


Joey Aldridge Burel

Photos courtesy of The Clayton Tribune

Georgia Mountain Laurel Magazine

NGAG advertises our monthly members meeting in The Georgia Mountain Laurel each month with a quarter page ad which includes: program title, guest speaker, date, time, and location; and artwork of NGAG artists currently exhibiting at Butler’s Galleries (Booth #6.) 


Every other month the Laurel showcases NGAG artists with Tricia Moore’s article and photos of the the artist’s work.

Brenda Hutchings

October 2023

NGAG Oct 23 pages-1.jpg
NGAG Oct 23 pages-2.jpg
Throwing Caps


The Guild’s long-time goal was realized in 2015 with the establishment of  the NGAG Art Scholarship Program. Through it, we provide educational financial assistance to artistically talented graduating high school seniors. The first scholarships were awarded to four outstanding students in 2016.  The program continues to benefit students through funding from the annual fundraiser, Sassafras Artisan Market, our generous sponsors, and individual donations.  


To date, 29 scholarships, each $1000 have been awarded to graduates from four area high schools: 

Rabun County High School, Rabun Gap Nacoochee School, Habersham Central High School, and Tallulah Falls School.

Congratulations 2023 Scholarship Recepients

This years selectees represent the ideals of our organization. Not only do they have remarkable past achievements but exciting future plans.


Left to Right

Dietricht Hoecht - Scholarship Committee

Kailyn Neal, Tallulah Falls School - Rennie Davant Memorial Scholarship

Rebekah Ramey, Rabun County High School - Celia Durand Memorial Scholarship

Penny Bradley - Scholarship Committee Chair

Autumn Smith, Habersham County High School - North Georgia Arts Guild

Ruichen (Sarah) Zhang, Tallulah Falls School - Paula Van Huss Memorial Scholarship

Zoey Townsend,  Rabun Gap-Nachoochee School - North Georgia Arts Guild

Abagail Carver, Rabun County High School  - Carolyn Hill Memorial

Kathy Beehler - Scholarship Committee

Ella Loveland, Rabun Gap-Nachoochee School - Rodney Roe Memorial Scholarship (Not Shown)

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