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Shelly Leitheiser

I'm a visual artist and illustrator, originally from central Minnesota.  I have a classic art education combined with an active imagination.  I moved to Georgia in 2014 and have my studio in Marietta. I've been involved in many art shows and art fairs in the Atlanta area and have had two solo shows of my work in the last four years.

My paintings are mainly done in acrylic and watercolor.  I like creating bright and colorful art with lots of layers.  I have a mixture of styles, which is deliberate, because I like experimenting and doing new things with art techniques and subjects.  A lot of my art has involved combining realism with abstraction. I also feel it's important to convey a message with my art.  What do I want to say with my painting? It's often subtle. Sometimes I want to expose ordinary things in unordinary ways. I also think it's important to find the beauty in places and things that still exist, because they may not exist forever. 


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