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Randy Sells

PHONE: (678) 467-2697

I was bitten by the basketry bug when I wove my first basket in Brownie Scouts – too many years ago to count! It was a little sad and lopsided, but Mother saw it as a ‘work of art’ and used it to serve dinner rolls alongside her best china at every holiday gathering. Since that humble grammar school beginning, I have collected, admired and always wished I had the time to create those beautiful and functional objects of my desire. When I retired to the Northeast Georgia Mountains after 38 years of public service I could finally indulge my passion.

Every native culture from time immemorial has used baskets made from local materials in their daily lives and rituals, developing forms and designs unique to their culture. The traditional baskets of Appalachia inspire my basket designs. But, in today’s world, I am not limited by local materials, only by my imagination. Each of my baskets is a unique creation, woven from a variety of materials, styles and methods, and hand dyed with custom colors.


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