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Mary Beth Stager


PHONE: (404) 314-2469 


Mary Beth spent most of her corporate career as a technical trainer, writer and illustrator. 
Years ago, she was searching for jewelry to match an outfit. She did not find any, but she did discover a love for beads and making jewelry. 

Born in Copperhill, Tennessee and bred in North Georgia, she came from a family of rock hounds, Artists, and Jewelers. 

She refers to her jewelry as “crazy” after the rich Appalachian tradition of crazy quilts, made from bits and scraps of leftover fabric. Her work uses beads, jewels and even bits of trash found in parking lots.

Living in the mountains has opened a whole new avenue for inspiration. During a stroll, Mary Beth found that mountain laurel branches looked a lot like dancers. Thus began her interest in Art Dolls. 


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