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Ann Thompson

PHONE: (706) 896-3727 

"When I paint, the process and artistic growth are as important to me as the finished piece. With each painting, I hope to create a "memorable" experience, touching the viewer for more than just a fleeting moment. For me there are no limitations except for self."

A Signature member of the Georgia Watercolor Society, Ann began painting over 45 years ago. After traveling the world with her Air Force husband and being a "Sunday painter" for many years, she returned to her mountain roots with a desire to focus on her painting and grow as an artist.

She began working in watercolor in 1993 to break away from "realistic depiction and minutiae". What she discovered was that she wanted the "best of both worlds". Thus, her paintings sometimes focus on exploration and experimentation, but then return to a more traditional rendition. For ten years Ann has attended workshops conducted by Signature members of the American and National Watercolor Societies. Her paintings have been included in and have won awards in national exhibits of the Georgia, Louisiana, and Rhode Island Watercolor Societies. She has been published in an INTERNATIONAL ARTIST series of "how to" books and the Georgia Heritage Center's EXPERIENCE ART.


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