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Carolyn Gaik




Phone:  706-754-2185

It is the awesome beauty and diversity of God's creation that inspires me. Fine Art Photography is my love, including wildlife, nature, travel, and street photography.  Some is for fun, but most is for developing fine art products to have in the home or office.   I may choose anything that will give me a sense of the place, the story, and the emotion of the moment - be it in my own back yard or on the other side of the world.  My travels have taken me to 7 continents, 55 countries, and 42 states.  I work to convey to you the same emotions and thoughts I had when I took the photo. I do this by centering the focus on the subject and removing the distractions I deem unnecessary.  


I'm not a photojournalist, I am a fine art photographer working to produce a piece of art. My fine art prints are sold locally at the Sautee/Nacoochee Art Galleries, Harvest Habersham restaurant, and Lavender Cottage in Sautee/Nacoochee, and occasionally in Butler Galleries in Clayton, GA.   


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